Michelle Obama Powerful Speech On Donald Trump 'Enough is enough'

Michelle Obama’s Powerful Speech On Donald Trump ‘Enough is enough’

Michelle Obama's Powerful Speech

Michelle Obama’s Powerful Speech On Donald Trump ‘Enough is enough’

First lady Michelle Obama says Donald Trump’s comments are “disgraceful and intolerable.” It shows the most passionate ,exciting and inspiring speech from now on. As what they do in August, Michelle Obama’s Powerful Speech appeared in all the media, hot topic, TV . which she want to let American out of misfortune and bring people full of positive energy. Michelle Obama most represents Hillary Clinton. Although Clinton Outstanding in political and detail. But she also try to make her thinking shows in  emotion ,same like most of politician. So why we say Obama is the best representative of Clinton. Able to convey Clinton’s humane and sophisticated combination of folklore and emotion, but also a feminist’s respect for the infusion. In this speech, she describes Clinton as a relentless civil servant, a “faithful wife,” and a devout daughter to her mother.

Michelle Obama's Powerful Speech
Powerful Speech On Donald Trump ‘Enough is enough’

As the first lady, especial The role of the first black woman. Under the strong  intense, judgment and racism. Sometime she is called “Angry black woman”. So she have to choose cautious course for a long time. Support her husband’s agenda, and strive to maintain her own ideals, while not too strong or too political.

But with only a few months left in the White House,Trump could rise to the presidency, tarnishing her and her husband’s legacy.And she’ll become more daring and spend some of her personal capital accumulated over the years. But Obama has enough ability in social media for published a carnival in her speech. For attracting people, especially women, more and more disgusted Trump. The vote widened against him, and Clinton’s gender gap with Trump women seemed increasingly insurmountable. A profound sentence from A profound sentence from Michelle Obama’s Powerful Speech On Donald Trump ‘Enough is enough’

Obama said in Thursday, “As women we have all the power we need to determine the outcome of this election … we can get together and announce enough,” Obama said. She may be right.

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