Hey Guys, Are you serious to send 3pc virgin hair as mothers day gift?

best mothers day gift

Mothers day gift: Are you serious to send 3pc virgin hair as mothers day gift?


hair extension as mothers day gift
best hair extension as mothers day gift

But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because here is where your begins.—Mitch Album

2017 mother’s day coming! Are you ready a gift for your mother? 

I guess you are thinking of so many gifts your mother maybe love in that day. Agate Necklace, Faux suede flats shoes or follows… Did you realize what mom need most?

happy mothers day
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My mom has 2 daughters who make her very proud of. I am the old sister, older 12 years than my little sister. yes, you will not believes why a family only 2 children and have so Huge years difference. The story will start from my 12years old, someday, my mother suddenly asked me a question changed my life. Hey, Rachel, my dear, how about give you a sister play with you? I was socked when I first time hears my mom say want to give me another child to share love with my mother. I my childhood I was so introverted girls, so I can say nothing with my mom’s proposal, even though extremely negative in my heart. The only word I said is up to you.

After 6 months, my little sister born. when mother back from the hospital, about long time I am afraid to back home. I heard the sound of baby crying, what amazing thing! A little baby? my little sister? Oh my god! I am very tangled to accept this fact at that time.

Mothers day gift story

Mother is so great and selfless, she taught me to love and accept. as a child, you will experience about afraid love is shared by others. What I  showed during my mother pregnancy or born baby, in fact, she all known. I was unhappy, she knows. Also a little hate her, she knows. I secretly weep, she also knows. she needs me independent and self-managing emotions. to be a successful big sister in life.

When I went to college, I leave far from hometown, I began to rebel, though it was a bit late than the peers.fall in love, drinking, truancy that’s me. I almost did not get home in that period. Clutter and madness took my entire college life. one time, I took something from home urgently. my mom said I really miss you so much. at that moment, I saw her face, a very familiar and familiar face. She is my mother, but wrinkles more.

happy mothers day
happy mothers day 2017

This year, I am ready to send 3pc virgin hair as mothers day gift.

Maybe you will think you are crazy. No !It is not.

I want her own the best hair, keep the most beautiful and young timing.

Hope her could stop in 20 years old

Keep her youth

Wish  her back to the period of love with my father

I want her could like a child need adults to protect and love

Let me protect and love you

Mom, I love you!

Now, I am so understanding my mom.

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