Nappy Hair long origin, how much do you know?

natural hair

Nappy Hair long  origin, how much do  you know?

Nappy Hair
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War, colonial and economic development brought about by the great migration of people. So that African culture naturally penetrated into every corner of the world. In addition to Africa, United States, France, Britain has many African residents. But these European and American countries also have their own very unique and powerful cultural appeal.  When the traditional and immigrant culture meet, a new fashion was born.

When the global designers continue to inspire the reach of the African civilization. They also gradually from the pattern extends to the hair. So this is an emphasis on the overall shape of the era. It  found that the original African hair turned out to be one of the world’s most recognizable.

Rihanna look at this head of water chestnut, most people can not hold up.

Then take the most common “dirty pigtail” is good, no one can not tell the hairstyle was African-American exclusive. It frequently appears in the streets of New York, with out of the crotch jeans, cover ass large T-shirt. African accent rap, your first reaction should be: drugs, Cecil trouble!

And then the style of a turn, people embarked on the nautical age. And sailors and pirates in Africa to spend a long time in the ocean. Which in order to save water and protect the scalp from salt erosion. People also use dirty pigtail to deal with not shampoo . This method not only in Africa, and later also popular in Central and South America. You guessed it right, I said is the recent divorce of the “Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack.”

Nappy Hair Famous hairstyles in African

It is the United States sixties and seventies, hip-hop and reggae music began to become mainstream. Born in Jamaica, Reggae born Bob Marley, his music ignited the entire American continent. Not only in Central and South America have an impact, but also in North America as iconic musician. The album sold worldwide. The Marley hair is the same year-round dirty pigtail.  Marley first came to Ethiopia in Africa In 1978. The following year, he traveled to Africa to write the album “survivors.”

In the elegant France, dirty pigtail but not the enemy. In French movies and street, this hairstyle is very common to you.

This hair called “Nappy Hair”, specifically to describe the African-American fluffy little curls. For centuries, Nappy Hair was a very sad word for Afro-Americans, because it separated their races from hairstyles.

In France, the fashion industry has been cautious because of such a narrow concept. Once in the ELLE French edition, published an article entitled “small curls: your beautiful and natural African hairstyle” article. It traces the history of the word “Nappy” to radical African aesthetics. because Nappy is not an official statement. In fact, ELLE is somewhat unjust in this matter. Because the term Nappy in French are two words abbreviated. And its bad interpretation actually passed from the United States.

In any case, this volume of curly hair is African-French girls. Who do not take care of the most natural state of hair. They sometimes just rounded the overall shape, which is a French lazy spirit. Which is the French fashion spirit. Sheep head, velvet head are Nappy Hair deformation

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