Natalie Portman new film, will she has accounted for a seat for Oscar?

natalie portmans new moive

Natalie Portman new film, will she has accounted for a seat for Oscar?

This is not a biopic, not a feminist film. So you can not see the impassioned speech and declaration. Also do not see a tall image is high. This is the “First Lady”- Natalie  Portman new film. In the previous Venice Film Festival won the overwhelming praise. And even, people think that she can use the film to win her second Oscar.

A lot of people will probably be misled by the translation of “First Lady“.  Because from look is a boring biography, but the original movie is Jackie. Which is Jacqueline Kennedy short name, which is very clear to abandon the “First Lady” this title. And focus on “Jacqueline” this woman itself.

If you want the role of Jacqueline? Kennedy onto the screen, a routine approach is to describe the woman’s life: she versatile, extraordinary temperament, she and John? Kennedy in love in France, she by virtue of extraordinary taste to become a fashion icon. Her romantic affair after her husband’s assassination of leaving the White House … But this obvious, straightforward routine will not be interesting.


In the final analysis, why is Jacqueline Kennedy a legendary figure? Because of her fashion taste? This

Natalie Portman new film
Natalie Portman picture

is one of her most outstanding places, but not equal to the legend.

Speaking cruel, people remember her, to a large extent because “Kennedy assassination” this matter.

Although there are rumors that after this set of clothes actually from Jacqueline’s Queen Oleg Cassini designer hand. But the reference to the Chanel’s design. It is undeniable that Jacqueline for Ms. Coco Chanel. And even the French style are very Love, which she had to study in Paris is not unrelated to the “kit cap” with a soft tone suit is the most classic Jacqueline Look:

Historical figures are real, but this does not mean that their stories are real. Jacqueline Kennedy interviewed three journalists after her husband’s death, but both the text and the recording were edited, which was a good thing for the film creator because they had plenty of room to go. To create a more real female role, rather than a flawless historical figures.

Natalie Portman is the same, she is not a “high-yielding” actress, although we believe that there must be a lot of script to her hand, but her focus did not leave from the family, She and her family moved directly to Paris, where to enjoy the quiet of ordinary life.

The appearance of the film festival, we saw her belly again, the “mother” at the end of this year’s publicity, it is estimated once again return to the embrace of the family, and we wish her, and hope Natalie  Portman new film will win next year’s Oscar , She can “scored twice.”

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