How to make your hair grow 5-10 cm in 7 days?

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How to make your natural hair grow 5-10cm in 7 days?

Do you want your natural hair grow at least 5cm in a week? And do you think it is too hard to achieve this? Actually, it is possible and not very hard. You can even make your hair grow 10cm in one week. If you just cut your hair badly, it will grow longer within a week, and your hair will become very soft. Follow the steps below and keep your hair healthy grow in a week.

The Basic Steps You Need to Follow

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  1. Healthy diet. Diet with fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole wheat food. Increase the intake of keratin in food content, which allows your nails, skin, and hair to keep healthy, and increase the growth potential of your
  2. Doing exercise every day. People who like sports are usually quicker to grow their hair than someone who never do exercise. If your home is far from your school or your office, as far as possible every few days walk from your home to school or go to work. Do more riding a bike, go to the gym, swimming and do more exercise near your house. All sweating sports are useful. Not only to grow your hair, but also your health.
  3. To avoid perm and the use of hair products. Try your best to use the amount less as soon as possible. If you have to perm your hair, at most in one or two times. Because when you perm or dye your hair, they will get hurt because of the hairdressing tools and coloring agents.
  4. Do not comb your hair too often. If you worry about the hair tie, you can make your hair be a little bar before you go to sleep at night. In fact, even if you don’t do anything like that, they will not in a lot of ties.Brush the hair with a bristle brush, and do not use hair with plastic or metal.
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use shampoo to wash your hair

The Steps of Growing your Natural Hair in a Week

  1. Make the hair on the split. This is easy to do, you can do it to dry hair or wet hair.
  2. The olive oil or coconut oil into the microwave bowl, with a microwave oven for 30 seconds. According to the length of the hair and take 2-4 spoon.
  3. Massage the hair scalp with olive oil for one minute. To ensure the effect, You’d better make sure that you have covered your entire scalp with olive oil.
  4. Head down. Even if this is not very comfortable, but also try to keep the head down in 4 minutes. You know, when your blood flows into the brain, it can strengthen the brain’s blood circulation.
  5. Leaving the olive oil on the hair fat least two hours, so that it can penetrate deeper into your entire scalp. Although you make them stay for some time , the effect will not be much difference. So two hours is the recommended time.
  6. Wash off the olive oil on the hair with a clean shampoo. If you do not want to use clean shampoo, you can also use enhanced shampoo or the normal one you always use.And I advise you use hair conditioner Because it can help you to prevent dryness.
  7. Make the hair to dry naturally. Repeat the above steps every day for a week.
  8. The last I want to advise is using coconut oil instead of conditioner. Put some coconut oil in the hands and massage hair roots, but do not apply on the scalp, If not, your hair will look very oil. That is not good. After finishing that, you can tip up your hair about 20 minutes. Finally, clean the coconut oil and make your hair dry in a naturally way.
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Try to keep that in one week, please note that don’t give up halfway. If not, I don’t think that will work for you.

Some Tips to Care Your Natural Hair

  • Do not change your hairstyles too much. If you wanna stay a long hair, you’d better don’t perm your hair frequently. Hair styling, softening and dyeing chemicals used improperly will cause hair loss. So do not change your hairstyles often as possible.
  • Do not repetitive perm, straighten and bleach your hair. Because these processes can cause serious damage to the hair. Alright, the high temperature is also bad for your hair, so please don’t dry your hair with the hot wind as possible.
  • Comb your hair carefully. It is said that if you comb your hair in 100 times, it can help your hair growth. I don’t think it is right. If you comb your hair often, it will make your hair loss, that is not good. Alright, please use the comb which is in wide teeth comb.
  • Do not use rubber bands and clips. If you want the hair bundle in the back, it is best to use a hair band. The hair band does not exert too much pressure on the hair like rubber bands and clips.
  • Wash your hair carefully. To choose the shampoo which is the best to you to wash your hair. And you should wash your hair depends on your hair oiliness. You don’t need to wash your hair every day, the best time interval is once in two days.
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comb your hair in a better way

Besides, there are something more you need to do. Because that is good for your natural hair grow also your health. Keep a balanced diet in your life. Food is raw materials that make you healthy, it is the same to your hair. Also, try your best to do more sports, metabolism is good for your body. And the hair is one of the parts for your body. Although it can not help your natural hair grow, it can help you to keel healthy. You will not miss anything if you do that.

My beautiful sisters, come on. Let us love ourselves more, you know, hair is one of the most important part to be a girl. It can make us more beautiful and confident. Let us join this and stay a long hair in our daily life. Alright, natural is the best, please love your Afro natural hair, it is cherish. Trust me, it is not hard to make your natural hair grow.

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