Natural Hair waves styles for African Women 2016

2016 long hairstyles

Natural Hair waves styles for African Women 2016

1.Cute Teeny Weeny Afro

Viola  is really charming with her nature short afro best natural hairstyles. Everyone should be the real one in the people.And she did it. She is so brave and willing to show herself to the world.

2.Extra long Box Braids

These extra long box braids withe her casual and a little sexy clothes. Make her look more suitable. Rocking them freely and swept to one shoulder is a good idea. It makes her look more lady,a rock lady.

natural hair
2016 Extra long Box Braids

3.Short Skinny Dreads

Dreads is always perfect in any length. Her thin dreads are short and freely hanging. You can even also make it  and half up style. Short Skinny Dreads is really suitable for the women in any occasions.

4.Curly updo with a headband

If you have a long black hair,how to style it? Like this,curly hair are on. Anika shows a good look in curly.

fashion curly hair
2016 curly hair

more natural hair waves styles supply:

5.Bulky Bun from thin Box braids

Most of African women if who want a protsctive hairstyle will love it. Like Eva ,she styles a high bulky bun which made from very thin box braids. These makes her awesome and beautiful. Although on the work day,it is also a very good style for box braids.

6.long Natural Hairstyle

This stylish look of Solange knows in the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. The thick long black hair over her shoulders with the pajamas clothing. Looks lazy but nice.This long natural style show girls more charming and sexy.

7.Side-Parted long  Spirals

Taylor’s long hair is textured into bouncy spirals. When your hair is natural curl,it will looks more compact. The side-parted long Bouncy Spirals is very popular for African Women.

natural hair waves
long spirals



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