Natural Hairstyles for African American Women in seasons


Natural Hairstyles for African American Women in seasons

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This gray ombre look was created by Amanda. The dark gray from top of head toward the bottom with a sense of hierarchy. This style can make in different length if you like.


Warm Peach

This is an exaggerated bold color for the fashion people. The juicy shade makes you breath a new life because of the hairstyle. From the color of the hair,the people can even see your publicity life attitude.


Smoky Lilac

If you prefer in the unnatural shades,this is a beautiful new hair color for you:smoky lilac. If you have such long hair,it is a good choice to make it in smoky lilac.


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More new natural hairstyles picture list:

Watermelon Hair

You can even see the summer on the hair. Combining vivid greens with sweet pinks. The watermelon hair shows you the season and makes you very appetite. Even think it is good enough to eat like the yummy watermelon.


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beauty hair

Color Bleed Hair

Do you want to wear a fresh new look to work? Do you want to show your colleagues a different yourself? Here is a good choice to show new you. This type of shade looks great blown out, in pretty curls. And pulled back into braids, making it super versatile.


Denim Blue

This new blue color is truly unique in the hairstyle worlds. It has a big difference with the bright and pastel shade. Denim blue hair is really an amazing hairstyle today



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fresh new look

Woodsy Brown

Raging from Chocolate to espresso,woodsy brown hair colors will be more coordination. If you have always wanted to go dark with your hair. It is a good time now.


Bold Burgundy

This bold burgundy is the perfect balance of best natural hairstyles and unnatural shades. And it is the most popular hairstyle for African women in 2016.


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