How to make a pony tail with hair weaves?

pony tail style

How to make a pony tail with hair weaves?

Hey guys,how are you these days?

Today, we will show you guys a video first about how to make the lovely and fashion pony tail hairstyle with your hair weaves. If you’re interested in this look you already know what to do keep on watching.

As you can see from the video, we will use glue to finish this beautiful pony tail hairstyle.We will need several bundles hair weaves. Coz besides the pony tail part, we also need some make like lace closure but without baby hair.


Rihanna pony tail style
pony tail hair
straight pony tail hair
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About the bangs part, I think It is very necessary that you cut the hair bundles then put enough layers, so it will look natural and your bangs part should be thick also. Except you want bangs of air which is very popular in Asia. Although you want that, I will not Suggest that you do that. Coz, trust me, thick and natural bangs will look better on you.

how to make a pony tail with your hair extensions
human hair pony tail

After the bangs item, you need make your natural Afro more docile on your head. Yes, you need some like hair oil of other hair care products, yes we call it Styling gel. It can make your hair docile without small hair like baby hair. You can buy this in any hair store. This is an easy step for the pony tail.

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Beautiful Pony Tail is Done

At last and the most importance, the pony tail step. We need to make the pony tail with hair weaves. Here no hard rules for you should use how many pieces hair weaves for the pony tail. If you wanna your pony tail look thick, you can use 2-3 bundles hair weaves. Sometimes, people will like using 1 bundle which is 100G. Anyway, As you like. How to make your pony tail step by step? You can see this on the last video.

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