Most popular hair color for African fashion woman in 2016

Most popular hair color for African fashion woman in 2016

1.2016 In addition to popular hairstyle, of course, the most popular hair color and now people no longer have the pursuit of beauty limitations, so the choice of hair color is also more and more fashionable.


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2.2015, many people in the hair styling on the performance of bold innovation, there are many new options for hair color is not imagined in the past to see a pile of good to see the road purple, pink, gray gold hair, so you can not help but want to help hair in 2017 For new clothes? With reference to these nine kinds of hair from last year to the present hair color, bold to make a new look it!

Most popular hair color
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3.This is exactly like gray hair with Grandma from last winter to spring and summer of this year will be very popular hair color, the most important thing is that this hair color requirements for the color is not high, basically we are suitable for Asian girls paper Of the hair color!

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4.Milky Lavender stained like a combination of light purple and silver, the charm of this hair in the mysterious and elegant.

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5.Achilles hemp color than Aoki linen gray color deep, this hair color is wild hair color, there is a complex role in skin color, can be more red color lining, for dark skin color, but also more white.

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best hot hair color for girls in 2016

6.This is between the gold and silver hair color between the white girl favorite paper. Yes, this color is too dark hair color do not choose, and will not suit you.

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7. I do not know how to describe such a hair color, light linen and rust color synthesis. Like this hair color can put the phone to the barber, barber directly to see it, or you express unclear … …

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8.This is not introduced. Here to investigate, the girls like to eat chocolate into a few? (Anyway, I was like) Honey tea … … a look I thought it was honey, grapefruit tea, it is light brown and flax reconciliation, color requirements are not high, no one can try! Tell the truth, like your hair cut short hair, here is very exciting, here is not suitable for their own fear; who have the first attempt, do not hesitate so much, dyed the wrong big deal back it wants to!


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9.Gold popular, silver hold can not, then you can choose placer gold. The color will not be deep to you can not accept, this color will not be too bright.

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This Most popular hair color , deeper than the pink, very innovative colors.

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