Professional Beauty Supply:How to Apply Hair Extensions?

Professional Beauty Supply

Professional Beauty Supply:How to Apply Hair Extensions?

Beauty are our human pursue for in our wholesale life. In ancient times, people have ancient way in Beauty. We could thinking in our hair extensions, make up, dress or any other ways through some supply. But now as our economic developed and improved ,we could use professional beauty supply to  achieve the purpose. African’s fashion develop by leaps and bounds in short time. From the hair professional beauty supply we could directly see the difference. Black woman are looking for more natural ,more beautiful hair extensions in beauty. From Afro braids to hair bundles change. We have to recognition, they are so clever and beautiful in hair supply. Now we teach everyone a Practical tips in hair extensions for black woman.

Apply Hair Extensions tips?

1.You need make sure your own hair are braided for Preparation. Prepare the full instrument for apply hair. Take a Measure in hair weft length and size. Please attention in this step, it is better that you stop the hair weft at least ½ length off from your hair line. make the hair extension apply to the hair on every side of the hair bundles. make sure you could  apply the apart hair at the center, you should dealing with a very long hair weft.

2.Apply the hair weft with micro rings. Put apart the hair with micro rings into the hook. Attach the weft below the hair part.  Make a section of the weft with your hair and thread them through the micro rings.

3.Make hair into a braids. Makes two horizontal sections in your weft. leaving a part  of hair in them.Braiding this section and secure the braids using a rubber. Make the hair into the braids in the last step.  Is it easy to learn? Come to follow us and try to apply your own hair extensions.

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