Real Hair Extensions:The most comprehensive types of human hair

Real Hair Extensions

Real Hair Extensions:The most comprehensive types of human hair

Virgin hair is the hair which never be cured. The real hair extensions is on the same way and it belongs to nature state when it produced. You can bleach, dye and cure it until it becomes the parts of yours. Remy hair is with the same direction of the cuticle. Remy hair is different in the color and texture, but the cuticle still stays in the production section to make the hair not tie.

Indian hair is the most flexible and is easy to open the market. Its density is very sophisticated. It is very nature and easily to be curl. Indian hair can be fused with different kinds of hair perfectly. You can see that the Indian hair is very silky. And it can be swell to avoid the irritable in the wet day and foggy day. These are the mainly promotion hair products for customer  who want the silky hair.

Most Popular Real Hair Extensions in African

Brazilian hair is the most popular in the market. it can be used in different ways, because its limpness, durability and density. This quality is easily fused with white man and American black man. Brazilian hair is very luxury with the natural gloss. Because its special and natural density. Brazilian hair, less means more. And because of its density, it is silky than Malaysian hair and Indian hair. Brazilian hair is such amazing.Peruvian hair is the most multipurpose hair. It is even lighter than feather. you can keep it with more than 5 styles. And it is thicker than Indian hair and Brazilian hair.

It fused with African America and white man’s hair. This is the one we love most.Malaysian hair is very popular after the famous stars used. Malaysian hair is also luxury with suitable smooth and glossed. Its gloss looks like Brazilian hair. This hair bundles is the most suitable one to keep curly.And always with  which is close to black. It is appropriate for African American. Because it is not irritable, its maintenance cost is low. You must fall in love with it because it is really amazing.

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