How to wash and revive your lace frontal wig?

lace wig revive and wash

Wash and revive lace wig do you know how to do?


Have you ever experience wig shed?

This looks like a woolly mammoth right. Now the all expensive lace frontal wig. What happens if you spend 80 pounds on the frontal. It is a matte let me spend 80 pounds upwards 100. Something pounds all frontals will shed they all shed. I don’t care what a law says he spent 200 pounds on just the front and part it will still shed.

Teach you how to save money in wash and revive lace wig

So what I want to show you girls today is how to save a bit of money. You can see that it’s got the famous bald patches you know ball patch like Scott. I use got to be the glue to put at the front of my frontal. So you also see that it’s not like glue residue or not glue gel residue. So I’m gonna just show you how to wash your front wig. Revive it cut back at them from the lace. Just to save you money for having. Till you know to buy a new France and replace it. You know you can get like a month or two more out of this frontal.

revive lace wig
wash and revive lace wig

Wig wash and revive  secret

So one reason I’m gonna show you how I wash it and then how I revive it. When I put it on what I’m gonna do for you now I’m gonna take off this wig. Put this one on so you can see what it looks like before I revived it.And then yeah and where it looks like after.So here is my frontal pig. Now it’s not it’s not that bad. at this side me to see that what’s the meaning of all of the Jackie but no. So what we’re gonna do.So what we’re gonna do gonna wash this and sort out the glue.

That’s on it well the glue the gel cut back a bit of lace. Now I wash my hair with L’Oreal a neutral gloss sparkling shampoo. And eye condition with the conditioner. Now to start with I completely saturate my hair in water. Also including the base of the wig. I’ll cover my hair with the sparkling shampoo and massage. Through the wig making sure to use tips of my thumb for the frontal and not to be rough with it. Obviously, You have to watch the base of your wig.


Revive lace wig to new

Now we’re just rinsing out getting outweigh all the extra with the conditioner.You just completely cover the wig in the conditioner and massage it into the hair. We also apply a conditioner to the inside of our frontal this just helps them shedding.  Massage it into the frontal don’t drag it through their hair but massage and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Okay, now that their conditioners also in we rinse it out just rinse it out and light. We are gentle when rinsing your frontal do not be rough with the threat with the frontal. Now to add some extra shine just add a bit more.You know a bit more conditioner to the wig. Then just rinse that out no need to let that sit to make sure you get rid of all the conditioner. All of you know the residue of the okay. So just blow dry it out brush through the hair just make sure it’s all nice and dry.Basically get the roots get the base of the wig.That’s all you have to do at this point.

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