Rihanna Hairstyles: Do You Want To Be a Rihanna’s Style Fashion Girl?

Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna Hairstyles: Do You Want To Be a Rihanna’s Style Fashion Girl?

Rather than commit to one look, Rihanna’s ever-changing hairstyles have become her signature. At the 2016 VMAs alone, the Vanguard Award winner flexed her versatility with four different hair looks. “Her individuality is what made her into the icon she is today, so we wanted to highlight that with the hair,” explains Rihanna’s long-standing hair stylist Yusef. “She is authentic and each look is some variation of a signature look that she’s had during her career.”

About Rihanan, I believe that all of us should know her and her along the way. She is really an outstanding singer. She brought us too many amazing music trips. Love her so much. But today, we are not going to talk about her career. We will talk about her dress-up and her hairstyle.

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You know, we often can see a unique Rihanna in some public places. Like many important and famous Party. You have to admire her publicity personality.

Firstly, we talk about her dressing. She has more than one time to wear the camera to attend some important occasions. I have to say that she is really very personal and very brave. Because that is really too hard to me.

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She is an amazing and fashion star. Yes. Mostly, I love her dressing and makeup. Of course, and her hairstyles. We can see her different every time. Whether it is colorful hair color or ordinary hair, I always feel that those who are placed on her is a perfect match. Do you have the same ideas with me?

Rihanna’s Ever-Changing Hairstyles

As for me, I love her hairstyles here below. The long wavy hair made her elegant and full of the feminine. It seems that whatever she dress, she can also hold this hairstyle. I am honest fans who love straight hairstyle. When we see Rihanna is with the hair which tied up, she looks really active and powerful. Like a sports star who is always in healthy life. About the 3rd picture, I don’t know how to use my words. It looks young but not just young. Really very tangled in this. About the blonde hair, I can think of someone. Marilyn Monroe, you know? Haha

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The Most Suitable Hairstyle For You

Rihanna hairstyles is a walking hair textbook. If you wanna change your hairstyle but you have no ideas about that. I think you can learn some from Rihanna. In my opinion, Rihanna hairstyles are really cool.

To choose the most suitable one for yourself, A right hairstyle can make you like a beautiful fairy. But if you choose a wrong one, Aoo, It would be a very embarrassing thing. Hairstyles, hair length and hair color, when you wanna make a new look, you should know the 3 parts are very important. If you have a round face, I advise you keep long hair. And if your face is very small, keep short hair, trust me, you will look good. About the color, if your skin is dark, try to choose the bright color. That can make you look full of energy and active and young.

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