Rihanna Inspired Sleek Swoop Pony Tutorial


Rihanna Inspired Sleek Swoop Pony Tutorial

Hi everybody, I’m here to show you guys exactly how I achieve this Rihanna inspired side sleep ponytail. Rihanna wore at the time for a charity event. I believe I wanted to try it myself. I know this look is super simple. and you’re like why would you do a tutorial in this.  But the main reason for this tutorial is to show you guys exactly how I achieve this look on 10 plus week.

Rihanna inspired side sleep ponytail

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Post hair on air dried.  Hair using no heat whatever so my hair is air dried I just got done shampoo and conditioning. My hair is about 80% dry. So I’m gonna finger through my hair just to loosen up any possible tangles. I’m gonna use Carol’s Daughter hair milk moisturizer and leave-in conditioner. Then I’m going to moisturize my hair into small sections and I’m just going to work that in from root to tip. Well, I’m going to take my Moroccan oil treatment. I’m going to seal in that moisture leaving conditioner like so.

I’m going to apply this to small sections all over my hair until it’s completely moisturizing and sealed. So I’m taking my rate comb which I detangle my hair with before I started this parting. I’m gonna decide where I want my party. you know Rihanna had a deep-set side part .so I’m gonna try to do that myself. I’m going to create an L shape and creating an L shape. I just make you know the ponytail a lot neater and helps control where you want the hair to go as far as the direction. So I’m going to comb my hair out very gentle. Because my hair is damp.

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How to make the Cool Hairstyle in a good way?

I’m using a red comb once again. I’m going to comb the hair in the direction. I want it to go taking some water in this little spray bottle. I’m going to go ahead and spray kind of like my roots and edges. Because once again I am ten plus weeks post relaxer. Yes, this Hairfinity it’s giving me the new growth ID. So I’m gonna wet my roots just to create a sleeker look. Now I’m gonna take my Moroccan oil smoothing lotion. This helps smooth out your hair like I love this stuff. I’m only going to take a very small amount.And focus it mainly around my hairline and where I want the swoop to go. Now I’m going to take my passion fruit curl control paste by curls. I love this stuff works absolutely when I am.

You know we couple weeks post relaxer. so I’m going to apply this on my hairline. And around the parting to make a nice and sleek look for my ponytail. So I’m going to apply this kind of like on my new group too. I’m going to go ahead and brush. You see how sleek that made my hair I love.  It’s me it’s my all-time favorite so I’m gonna go ahead and brush my hair into place. But I’m not going to go ahead. I’m not going to do the swoop first. Because I have to do my makeup. I want to flatten out my hair to prepare for my soup so I’m going to have it all going back away from my face at first.

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make a lovely pony tail

The Last Step to Make the Rihanna inspired side sleep ponytail

I’m going to put my hair into a pony.I want to make sure that all the detangles or tangles rather are removed from my hair. so I’m going to use an ouch list band like this make sure

it’s Alice.I’ll just means it doesn’t have that metal clasp in the middle. I’m going to loosely tie my ponytail close to my nape like that. So it’s nice and low and I’m going to apply a scarf to my hair to flatten out. Make my ponytail super sleek in my edges sleek so this has been on for about an hour and a half.While I was doing my makeup and as you can see my hairline. My new growth is pretty flat. I’m going to remove my ponytail and use my rate comb. You know to pull the hair forward to create the swoop see how nice and sleek and flat. that is now it almost look like I flat ironed it.  But I didn’t so I’m going to take my brush the hair forward to create the deep swoop like Rihanna’s.

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Once again this is with no heat. It’s you know healthy hair care friendly.so once again just manipulate the swoop.how you want it to get it perfect and brush my ponytail back into place. Again using an ouch list band is always better. I want to put my ponytailback in and I’m going to take a small tooth comb just to you know.  Make my soup a little neater like that now I’m going to take my mazzani hairspray. I’m just going to spray away any flyaways. Just help make the super slick and comb out any tangles that I may have developed when I was putting my ponytail back in. again my hair is air dried. I’m not going to add heat.

So just to hide my options band I’m gonna take a piece of my hair twist it. wrap it around my ponytail and pin it away with a bobby pin. It’s just so much cuter like that and I think this is pretty much. You know very simple very sleek very cute. I absolutely love this style. It’s great it’s super sleek and simple and I love simple stuff in hairstyles. It just seems like less you know it’s more salt if you guys didn’t have questions. Feel free to axels down in the comment area and a lot of product listing of all the products I used on my hair in this  description.

how to make a pony tail
how to make a pony tail in the best way

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