Style Hair:Fast Teach You Make Hairstyles in 20 Minutes

Style Hair

Style Hair:Fast Teach You Make Hairstyles in 20 Minutes

Dreadlock your hair. Dreadlocks are fashionable braids  and work well for both men and women. There are several different types of dreadlocks to choose from including finger twists and freedom dreadlocks. Finger twists are achieved by sectioning the hair into equal 1 to 2 inch parts, twisting each section with beeswax or gel on your fingertips, and clipping sections together to prevent unraveling. comb your hair for 2 to 3 weeks to allow style hair to lock on its own.

Don a well-coiffed Afro for a natural look! Because Afros are subject to dryness and damage, shampoo and condition your hair once a week with moisturizing products. Once your hair has dried, comb it with a wide-toothed comb, pick, or use a brush with natural bristles. one on top, and a few in the back. Combing and brushing will help spread the natural oils secreted by your scalp through your hair. If needed, apply oil to your hair.

Try a weave or extensions. When getting a weave or extensions, artificial hair is added to natural hair to improve natural hair’s appearance and combat hair loss in certain areas. While you should always have a professional put in a weave, you and your friends can experiment with putting hair extensions in each other’s hair. There are several different techniques to choose from.

Style Hair Waves  Last Steps

Cornrow your hair. Cornrows are a great choice for men or women. No tangle your hair. Determine how large you would like your cornrows and divide your hair into even sections accordingly. Small sections will result in smaller cornrows. Choose a section, divide it into 3 parts, and begin braiding it at your hairline. As your proceed towards the end of your hair, gradually add more hair to each part. This will attach the braid to your scalp. After adding all remaining hair to the 3 parts, continue to braid the hair as normal. Secure the ends with a snap-free rubber band or a clip. Repeat this process until each section is complete.


Try a twist. Depending on the texture of the hair and the amount of time you have, you can twist your hair. Clip or pin the ends of your locks while wet; dry hair under a hood dryer or leave overnight. Take your twists out to create small, spiral curls. Some twists will hold for about two weeks. Twists can also be left in and worn out. However, do not leave twists in the hair for more than two weeks or twists may become dreadlocks


Try a close shave or total shave. The close or total shave is a great hairstyle for men and women. It can be both laid-back and sophisticated. It is extremely low maintenance too! If your hair is very damaged or over-processed, start fresh with a cleanly shaven head. For a close shave, use a pair of electric clippers with a guard. Determine your desired length, select the appropriate guard, and evenly shave the excess hair from your head. When shaving your head completely, use an electric clippers without a guard or a razor to remove your hair.


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