Supermodel Naomi successor,do you know who she is ?

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Supermodel Naomi successor,do you know who she is ?

  • About this girl,who is Supermodel Naomi successor?

1.79 meters tall, 18-year-old black model Leomie Anderson. She has a similar cat-like eyes and antelope-like thin legs. Her unique appearance always in the first second to seize all the attention – even if makeup. Simply put the hair in the back of the head. She is one of the few models of both charming and affectionate qualities. Also she is Supermodel Naomi successor.

In September 2010, the fledgling Anderson for Marc by Marc Jacobs, Giles Deacon, Topshop Unique, Ungaro and other famous brand catwalk, but also served as Loewe’s opening model. Anderson has just set foot on the road model has a fashion editor Love magazine editor Katie. Grand attention. Since then, she has repeatedly with the same model from the Naomi.

“I do not want people to define me as ‘the next Naomi’,” Anderson wrote for the American magazine Essence. “I want to be really self, and I want to be a writer besides the model work.”

Although the fashion industry, of course, can not only accommodate the next black models, but popular culture in a certain period of time seems to really only accept one. “For a variety of reasons, the black girl to start in the cause of much more difficult than the white girl.” Premier founder Carole White said, “can give them little work, and sometimes photographers and makeup artists and even fear them Co – produced advertising, because they suddenly do not know how to light up, but also can not afford to give them what makeup, which makes the work more time – consuming.

Supermodel Naomi successor
black supermodel

The white-dominated fashion world in 2008 for the first time put forward the “need for diversity in the fashion industry,”.  The argument, which of course includes the diversity of races, but this is just a gesture. The actual operation, everyone has a lingering fear that the product will not be easy to sell. The result of such worries is often the result of the use of safer white models. ”

There is racial discrimination fashion it? “I do not think the fashion industry is more color-sensitive than other areas, ” says Carole White. In general, blonde white models are more likely to attract customers. This may not be the case, and the influence of the black model spokespersons.


Another model agent, Annie Wilshaw, said more directly: “I think there is serious racial discrimination in the fashion industry, the black girl did not work! The same is true in Paris, when the brand gave you an overall marketing program , You can feel strongly that they have excluded the black girls, who are often described as’ fairy girls with long hair ‘or similar words, and if they want to use black models, they say’ Looking for a mixed girl, with a strong sense of alien, reminiscent of the desert and the like, I photographed the way black girls are extremely tired, national symbols with bright eye shadow continue to appear. Please, it is Alek Wek in 90s of the last century modeling.


Although there are a few black models performed well, including Leomie Anderson, Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman, Jeneil Williams, but Premier still have to give a good reminder – black model is not easy to do. Carole White said bluntly: “I explained to Leomie when filming that she was not as easy to model as a white girl and that it was harder to be a black man, and they had to work twice as hard as the average person to be accepted by the world . ” Now you know who is Supermodel Naomi successor,right?

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