Synthetic Hair Extensions: How to care your synthetic Hair?

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Synthetic Hair Extensions: How to care your synthetic Hair Extensions?

If you choose synthetic hair extensions,you need to be aware that the hair can not be manipulated the same way as 100% human virgin hair. Because synthetic hair is more easily to loose their silky and smooth after just a few washes. The more you wash it, the less maintained it will appear. As you can see, it is really a lot different to the human hair. Fibers in synthetic hair can be easily displaced which will lead to obstinate looking hair. This type of hair requires extra care when handling it.

Please note that synthetic hair can not be dyed. Means you can not make different styles on them. Just only the origin hairstyle from it.  It also can not bear the high temperature. Means you can not perm it also. You have to keep it in the original hairstyle. If not, you may hurt it and can use it any more.

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How many you know about synthetic hair?

Compare to the 100% human hair, of course the human hair can keep longer than synthetic hair. But many times, synthetic hair can make more styles like crochet braids and so on. Also, Synthetic hair has more color than human hair because that if we dye human hair too much, that will hurt them and reduce its long life. While about synthetic, normally we use it several times, we have to buy the new one and can not use the old one any more. In a world, synthetic hair service life is relatively short. So it is more cheaper than human hair. And normally, the crochet braids wigs we use in our daily life, they are made of synthetic.

Synthetic hair is very popular for African black women. They use hair wigs every moment and love to change the hairstyle of the wigs. They really look beautiful with different wigs.

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