Synthetic Hair Supply:How to Understand Unknown Secret of it?

synthetic hair supply

Synthetic Hair Supply:How to Understand Unknown Secret of it?

Interpretation silk fiber: refers to synthetic chemical fiber, similar to human hair fake hair. It is a complement of human hair raw materials. Including: low temperature wire, high temperature wire, and silk protein .

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Low temperature wire: low human hair silk used for a filling, low-temperature wire can be maintained without deformation during the heating to 270 degrees.  For this yarn stereotypes, synthetic hair bundles .Reduce the person hair Weaving raw material costs. The disadvantage is the low temperature silk combustible, combustion to form block.

High-temperature wire: wire can be maintained without distortion temperature below 270 degrees. For the production of models of style.

Silk protein: the closest human hair raw material. Feel closest to human hair, commonly used in high-end wig products as fillers and flame automatically after burning. In many countries. Product restrictions, clear requirements, can be fake hair retardant. Many countries have occurred in the tragedy caused by the wig.

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Fidelity is poor, feel itchy after wearing, easy and scalp from the reaction. But the price is cheap, stereotypes lasting effect. But this long-term use of synthetic scalp metabolism hinder, not long-term use. Insiders call it the wig industry, “convenient chopsticks.”

Price and market advantages as we all know the price of synthetic hair supply is very low. But non-insiders do not understand what it is to what extent low? Long-term use is not easy why are so big market?

Transgression it also makes fiber yarn range more widely and pure chemical

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Doped fiber proportion is not the same, the price is not the same. The general human hair and synthetic filaments mixed together. With the naked eye is unable to distinguish, and its color is more bright, feel better. So they gave filaments are available to the ground.

Many chemical fiber using as cosmetic dance when Participate generally one-off.This time the advantages of chemical fiber prices will be highlighted out for usage of Synthetic hair.



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