True Hair:Tall woman in a man’s eyes perfect standard

true hair

True Hair:Tall woman in a man’s eyes perfect standard

To achieve such beauty
.  Bingbing Fan

Chinese men in the eyes of the standard of beauty: eyes and true hair, chest should be large. Long hair are the most attracted from her .Different hairstyle also give us amazing looking.

No matter how different era, how different types of beauty, Chinese men generally like fair-skinned,delicate facial features exquisite, busty flexible, slender legs intensity of the beauty.

To achieve such beauty, no makeup makeup makeup win a sexy red lips abundance, fragrance mellow taste and slender legs will become the daily dress bodybuilding goals


a woman full of flavor
Sophie • Marceau

France in the eyes of men beauty standards: the grace and the same can not be less cleavage

French men favored elegant feminine, a woman full of flavor. Their eyes beauty must be rigorous manner. Elegant decent clothing, with people pay attention to language arts, attractive and beautiful tone, interpersonal personable. There are efforts neck straight, thin waist, chest abundance, if necessary, under an elegant dress bared cleavage and sexy legs crossed while sitting most of the time flipping the hearts of men.

plump sensual personality

American men in the eyes of the standard of beauty: plump sensual personality

Americans have always respected personality beauty. Thus, the United States men, a worn-out jeans, a pair of gray sneakers with a pair of faint eyes, dark skin, rounded breasts, rounded hips. Will be able to attract any American man.

In the instrument, the United States men’s hairstyles for women demanding. Of course, highlights the personality is still the highest level, and therefore. Regardless of weird hairstyles or just elegant hairstyle has a different beauty.

Compared with the hairstyle, lip and eye makeup followed. Full lips, sexy is the primary consideration, the performance of eye makeup shall charming and bright. The disposition shall be cheerful, humorous, sultry style.

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