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virgin hair and remy hair

Virgin hair is hair which without processing in any way apart from cleaning and sorting. It is generally always remy. There would be no point in getting the best quality hair and then mixing it up. So that it’s not lying in the same direction from root to tip. It directly cut from the head. The first layer of the hair is not reversed. It usually used by the young girl’s hair.

Remy hair is slightly hair. It is the hair which when harvested keeps the orientation of the tips and roots in the same direction. This has less tendency to tangle as the scales of the cuticles are all lying in the same direction. In fact remy hair could be any type of hair.  Besides,remy hair is the best production raw material for wig because it is elastic. Remy hair with the raw materials is the same as the non-remy hair.

It is generally made after the bubble hair, take it directly with the root machine down to the hair root.  And hair tips finishing in one direction, because it is not easy knot if you do like this. Although finishing in one direction but the process of inverted more or less will have some damage to the scales. So the quality of the remy hair is not better like the virgin hair.

As you can see, there is a difference between the remy hair and the virgin hair:  The same origin of the virgin hair is generally harder than the remy hair. In the use time,virgin human hair can be kept longer than remy hair. If you are the one who start your business in hair products,it is important that to distinguish the hair by your eyes.Because it is important to be proffessional.

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