Wavy hair is most socially acceptable for African woman

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Wavy hair is most socially acceptable for African woman 

Hair in the black community is a complicated and volatile topic. In history, straight hair and wavy hair have been seen as more socially acceptable. Wavy hair is more acceptable than kinky hair because it seems as closer to white. Nowadays, this might seem confusing, but it actually has its roots in slavery. In Africa, eccentric hair styles were a source of pride.

Many people have a bit of a misunderstanding about black women and hair. Maybe the majority of black women don’t change their hair styles because they want to “look white,” even black women who use perms. Black women do these things because their hair can be. Braids are simply convenient, as are perms. And why do black women dye their hair? This question kind of assumes that black women dye their hair “white” colors.

Many black women might dye their hair red, brown, black, or even blue! Why do black women have to legitimize everything we do to our hair? We have to explain why we wear our hair natural and have to explain why we wear our hair permed. Besides, we have to explain why we dye our hair or wear wavy hair, whereas our white counterparts can do these things without an assumption that they are self-hating.

Wavy hair is the most popular in Africa,there is not only because to be beautiful.There are many reasons to make this. We can not change this history. And how to find the high quality wavy hair? Maybe here is the best way you can find some. SedittyHair is proffessional in human hair over 11 years.It must be the best choice for you. There are different kinds of hair products in their company. You must fall in love with it. It is not only a hair factory but also a kind family.

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