Wig Wholesale:How to wear the wig correctly for the beginner ?

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Wig Wholesale:How to wear the wig correctly for the beginner ?

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Wearing a comfortable wigs from wig wholesale

1. First distribution networks cover from head to neck.

2. Portal circle elastic band down there, in addition to an upward lift.

3. There is an elastic band at the side pressed his fortune.Do not let your real human hair  gel came out the other side put up. Put her hair in a hairnet tile inside. do not stack together. So as not to wear It will be uneven after wig.

4. Hair spread evenly in the distribution networks inside the port at the top of his head like a ride, no special fixing.

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5: wearing a human hair wig from  front to back, and then adjust on the inside of the back of the perfect wig have two size adjustment buckle. Two buckle middle of a cloth, there are several small squares of cloth strips, follow your own head size need to adjust buttoned to go.

6: random bangs can get naturally.

7: find temples natural wig Department has two small protuberances.This is to check whether it is a good quality wig-wearing position. And with the thumb and forefinger and pull down the  buying wig can adjust the position.

8: Wear complete, you can use the clutch a few top factory wig, came up with fluffy.


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New Wig Wholesale Care

Try not to close to the high temperature. Because the relationship between materials, nice wigs are not high temperature flexible wig can not stain. If necessary pruning can ask a professional hair stylist trim finishing the soft wig.Usually 1-2 months or so wash one time according to MM wear frequency.

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Cold water or warm water, when washing with ordinary shampoo to OK. The conditioner can meet the general, wash clean a used-wig try not blown dry with a hair dryer like hot. With a dry towel and gently blot excess wig buyer water came alive again to the well-ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight damage to the charming wig after washing. Do not immediately cause comb wig should wait the beautiful wig done late. Combed fresh wig using special comb (store has) can not use plastic comb-tooth comb .

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Oh! Basically do not use hair comb, where the volume of each hand after finishing with a good look at it if you do not pull hard wig extension with a long knotted bad comb, it should be sprayed wig special care solution and then slowly and carefully geographical open a long time to fake comb Afro-wig minutes long paragraphs, comb from the bottom up, must be light, be patient have a small amount of hair loss is a normal phenomenon in the process of finishing wear.

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