Wigs Best Cleaning Steps to Keep it More Longer Time

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Wigs Best Cleaning Steps to Keep it More Longer Time

wigs best cleaning step.How to wash the hair wigs will not damage the hair to extend its life, but also looks like the real hair ?  Hair and comb hair wigs care solution is essential. Normally,we wash our hair once in 2-3 days, but not so diligent wig. Usually one to two months to wash Once on the line.  Of course, also depends on the frequency of personal wear. If it is often worn, the cleaning cycle can be appropriately shortened. Next we look at the shampoo of the wig process:

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Wig Care

Step 1: Hair Wig with a special comb to wig comb (with steel tooth comb), curly hair. In addition to the bangs and head straight place, the other volume of the place is best to straighten out by hand, can not use the comb.
Step 2: Put the wig into cold water for 5-10 minutes. Time can not be too long because the hair is easy to fall off if you make it too long. Remember you should wash it by your hand.
Step 3: First soaked wig on the wig special stent, and then for a pot of water. And then use the wig-specific washing liquid into the water. Remember not to forcescrub, just hand gently Grasping a grasping hair on it. Because the wig and real hair is different.

Step 4: After washing it for a pot of water, with clean water to vote, and then wig with a special care solution soaked out.Step 5: Wash the wig, placed in the wig special stent above, with a dry towel to wig dry on the water.

Step 6: Towel dry water, such as hair on the shelf after the natural dry. You should put the wig in a cool place and make it dry in a natural way.

Step 7: Until the wig dry, hand gently grasping a grasping hair. And then wig for the wig and hair comb for the head comb.

Step 8: For washing a good wig, if you do not often wear, you can spray a little eruption oil on it.Step 9: To be completely dry wig, the hair will be wiped with a good set of wig, into a good ventilation can be sealed plastic bag.

Step 10: Finally, the wig should keep in a relatively dry place to save.

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